I’m really digging the 60s and 70s fashion trends, especially the Bell-bottom jeans, fringe, and the hairstyles of these iconic years. The Teased Hair, big feathery curls and braids are the staples for creating these looks.


With a teasing comb tease the crown of your hair. Begin gathering your hair an inch or 2 back from the hairline. Use light brush strokes to smooth out teased hair. Finish by tying the hair in a half ponytail in the back of your head.

Clothes: Black and white dress and shoes both from ZARA.


Another half up style is this Bridget Bardot inspired pony. I used a 1.5 inch curling iron to get big curls. Gather the hair surrounding you face into a ponytail at the top of you head. I used my fingers to pull out a bit of hair for a messy look. Then I lightly teased the rest of my hair to give it a nice full effect. Finish with volumizing hairspray.

Clothes: Denim shirt and jumper both from ZARA


I love this classic rock n roll style. You could substitute the bandana with a chain headpiece or flower crown. Use texture spray for a piecey bed head look. I also like to add some loose braids for added texture.

Clothes: Fur best and top from Zara and Jeans are J Brand.


Photographed by Courtney Berman