I love perfecting a perfect brow but in my experience that can be a serious source of anxiety. I don’t subscribe to drawn on “sharpie” brows but I do support naturally supplemented eyebrows. I’m very lucky that my eyebrows require minimal maintenance. All the time I get asked I how manage my brows. Truthfully, I leave mine alone as long as I can stand it. The fuller your eyebrows the better in my opinion. A gentle clean up with tweezers is all it takes.  Even after that I still stress over the appearance of my brows but thank God Maybelline has come out with a product called Brow Drama. It is safe to say I’m obsessed. This colored brow mascara grooms and fills in color in a pinch and is very affordable. What an amazing product for an everyday polished look! Go ahead and give it try! You will thank me.

Available at drugstores, $7.