Why should you stop shampooing? Well my suggestion of starting a “poo-less” lifestyle isn’t what it may seem. You may have heard about the non-shampooing trend, and if it makes you uneasy, I will put you at ease.

I happen to have very thick coarse hair, and when freshly washed it takes far too long to dry and style. Recently I was schooled about a lifestyle change that encourages NOT washing your hair. Initially I was intrigued because I simply can’t be bothered to wash my hair regularly. Once I realized that this was essentially hair rehab for my locks, I immediately got on board.

This practice is appealing to me because it caters to my lazy sense of hair care yet promotes healthier hair. While I don’t encourage abandoning shampoo completely, I HIGHLY recommend reducing washes to once a week. This is where dry shampoo becomes your best friend especially if you are partial to oily hair.

What happens when you shampoo is that you strip your hair of everything, including the natural oils that protect and strengthen hair. This stunts growth and strength. If you must wet your hair I suggest a “phantom wash” which essentially means you wet your hair and massage your scalp as you would with shampoo, but sans shampoo. If you are susceptible to oily hair I recommend baby powder or dry shampoo, which you apply to the scalp and then gently massage.  A phantom wash helps rinse hair and get rid of built up product and redistribute natural oils.

I recommend, “shampooing” once a week with a cleansing cream. The less lather the better. I can attest to my own experience of severely cutting down my shampoos and my hair is softer, bouncier and smoother. A simple shampoo that rinses hair without stripping is the best option.

Here are a couple choices:

Neutrogena triple moisture Active potent Shampoo, $12.99

Wen No Poo Shampoo

Purely Perfect Cleansing Crea, $40.00