I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy a good cup of tea! Whether I’m looking to kick start my day, enjoy my afternoon, unwind before bed or support my health, tea is one of my main go to solutions. Honesty, there is a tea for just about every occasion and ailment!  Here are some of my all time favorites – along with a couple I recently learned about and want to share with you:

Green Tea: Green tea has become incredibly popular in recent years and when you read the long list of clinically proven benefits it’s easy to understand why! The most well known use of this tea is to support mental alertness and improve cognitive functioning. The effects are similar coffee, but it contains less caffeine, which means no “jitters”. It also has the added bonus of naturally occurring amino acids that actually help support brain activity. Past the stimulating effect, Green tea is widely used for: weight loss, digestive issues, nausea, diarrhea and head aches. People also drink this tea to prevent a number of cancers and treat symptoms associated with a variety of serious diseases.

*Beauty Tip: One of my favorite tricks when it comes to Green tea is to put my tea bag under my eyes once it’s done seeping. I either alternate between eyes or make a big cup of tea using two bags. This helps reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles.

Black Tea: A cup of Black tea with lemon is one of my favorite ways to start my day! It’s made from the same plant as Green tea, but unlike Green tea it is fully fermented. This results in less minerals and nutrients making it into the tea, but the health benefits are still very similar to Green tea. PLUS, Black tea contains significantly more caffeine than Green tea. It provides a more intense pick me up making it a viable and more healthy alternative even for the consistent coffee drinker.

Ginger Tea: Ginger tea can be truly a magical remedy! If you are suffering from motion sickness, nausea, upset stomach, sore muscles or menstrual cramps, then a cup of this tea can save the day! In fact, Ginger tea is clinically proven to be more effective at treating these uncomfortable symptoms than well known store bought drugs.  In my opinion, it isn’t the most delicious tea, but adding some sugar or honey helps with that – and regardless when you need relief, it’s definitely worth it!!

*Brewing tip: to get the full effects brew your own by simmering fresh ginger in boiling water. Otherwise, make sure to buy teas made with real ginger, not just the added flavoring.

Chamomile Tea: I always think of Chamomile tea as the “sleepy time” tea and usually drink it for that purpose, but it turns out to be so much more than just a sleep aide! Chamomile tea has been relieving insomnia for centuries, but it has also been used for just as long as a salve for wounds, to treat illness and to promote quick healing.

The antibacterial elements of this tea have since been proven to be especially helpful in preventing and curing the common cold, bacterial illnesses and infections. Chamomile tea can also calm muscle spasms, sooth stomach pains and even promote clear, glowing skin!

Valerian Tea: Like Chamomile tea, Valerian tea is known to leave you very relaxed, but unlike Chamomile it won’t make you feel drowsy or dull if you don’t want to fall asleep right away. This tea will help sooth your tension, anxiety, restless mind, headaches and enhance your mood. The effects of Valerian have been compared to Valium, Vicodin and even anti-anxiety drugs. Some people actually utilize its benefits to help in the process of getting off antidepressants.

While I have yet to try Valerian tea personally, I decided to add it to my list. I feel like a natural alternative to potentially addictive pharmaceuticals is knowledge worth knowing and spreading!

*Heads up: My research indicates that flavored Valerian tea bags may taste better, but the serious benefits come from making your tea with the essential oil or Valerian root. Unfortunately, these options appear to smell and taste terrible! Again, I’m sure it’s worth it, but be warned.

Sage tea: Sage tea gives you a great antioxidant boost and is known to have a number of curative benefits. This tea can help treat: cough/sore throat, colds, excessive sweating, muscle pain, inflammation and diabetes.

Past the healing applications, drinking Sage tea is widely known and scientifically proven to lift your spirits. It’s also been proven to stimulate hair growth, supports weight loss, enhance memory and increases multi-tasking abilities in low to moderately stressful situations.

For all the new mom’s out there: Sage tea can help! Apparently, it is a very effective way to reduce milk supply while weaning your babe and helps with an oversupply of milk during the breastfeeding process.

*Fun fact: Sage Tea comes from the plant formally known as Salvia officinalis, commonly known as “Sage”. As I’m sure many of you know via social media and YouTube, “Salvia” when smoked causes a short-lived, but often very intense hallucinogenic high. When seeped in boiling water and consumed as tea, however, it has the above affects. Weird, right?!

Juniper Tea: Made from Juniper berries, this tea packs a serious punch of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients making it a great tea to promote overall health. With that said, Juniper tea is known to help prevent and treat some seriously undesirable ailments such as: bloating, intestinal gas, gastrointestinal infections, intestinal worms, urinary tract infections, and kidney and bladder stones. It’s also used to relieve heartburn, muscle aches, joint pains and heal wounds. Even when you’re not in pain, I suggest drinking a cup before your meal to increase appetite and/or afterwards to help with digestion. Since Juniper speeds up your metabolism while supporting healthy, and efficient digestion, it’s a wonderful dietary supplement to incorporate into your daily life!

Dandelion Tea: Yes, Dandelion! That little yellow flower most people think is just a pesky weed, is actually a super powerful remedy hiding in plain sight! First of all, it is a great source of: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, B-complex, calcium, fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium & zinc. Dandelion tea is an intense cleanser and detoxifier for your whole body inside and out! Actually, it’s sometimes called “acne tea”, because it does such an amazing job clearing up skin blemishes and irritations. In addition, it is used to help fight cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and inflammation. Studies have also shown that Dandelion consumption significantly boosts immune function. I can attest, drinking this tea regularly definitely makes me feel rejuvenated, extremely healthy and wow, does my skin love it!

*Beauty Tip: I’ve been drinking Dandelion tea for a long time, but I’m excited to try some of the other applications for this tea! I recently found out that people take Dandelion tea baths and use the tea as a facial cleanser. I can’t wait and hope you treat yourself to a Dandelion spa day too!

May you always drink your tea, or whatever is in your mug, in good health and with a smile on your face 🙂

Thanks for reading, my friend!


Written by Alison Elizabeth