Spring is now in full swing. The temperature is climbing and the days are getting longer. While I still have some work to do in the gym before I have to get I a bikini, I am embracing the new season in other ways.

I always say it’s imperative to not only dress for the weather but also have appropriate make up. Today I am talking specifically about embracing some fun, fresh spring and summer lip shades. I’m not saying you have to kiss you favorite fall lip colors goodbye for the next 3-4 months. Just embrace some trends that remind you how amazing you look with a tan.

Here are some of my favorite looks for Spring!

Violet and lavender lip colors are very bold no doubt, but completely wearable as well. If you are reluctant to go bold try a color that is light and sheer.


Hot Pink lips are so summer iconic in my mind. I think this bright shade against a golden tan is the only accessory you need.


MAC in Candy Yum YumNYX Matte in Shocking PinkNARS Semi Matte in Funny Fac

I love a tangerine lip! Don’t fear this bold color! It you don’t want to go full orange then find a bright coral shade that complements your skin tone.


NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Timanfaya, Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Orang

What are some of your favorite spring lipsticks and color?