I always try to maintain the idea that everything has its own place in my home. That way when I need to find something specific I know exactly where to find it. This was of course much easier to maintain when I was a single gal, but since I’ve been living with a dude, this idea is often lost on him. That’s another story for perhaps another post.

Us ladies have so many different articles of clothing. It can become hard to organize them in such fashion so that we are actually able to see and access them daily. I am talking about camisoles. But Not limited to camisoles only but the whole spectrum of strappy, flowy, silky, lacey and every other form. These particular pieces can be a real pain to organize. They never fold properly and always tend to get lost amongst other clothes. If you are blessed to have a massive closet and can hang each individual cami on its on damn hanger, then you are very lucky! For the rest of us who have small closets or have to SHARE with your significant other, well, I have found the gem of all gems to help organize our lives.

Initially I found what was explicitly described as a “camisole hanger”. It had a regular hanger hook and then what looked like a flower stem of prongs that stuck out. Problem was it was plastic and couldn’t take the weight of more than 8 camisoles. I needed something more industrial. So during my next (hour long) visit to the Container Store I found tie and belt hangers; metal hangers that are stronger with a plentiful of hooks.

This thing has changed my life! I can hang up to 3 camisoles off each hook. Now I never loose my beloved camisoles and I can actually SEE them all and never have to dig. Not to mention I rarely have to steam out the silky ones. This way I save drawer space, hanging space, and time by organizing this way.

This is also a great way to store and display scarves, necklaces, stockings, belts, and lingerie. What are some of your tips and tricks for organizing your closet space?