A classic, sleek hairstyle can really take an entire look to a whole other level. There is the classic slick ponytail or the bun that is always elegant. If you want to mix it up, I suggest you try out a slicked back hairdo for a modern twist on a sleek style. I find it to be edgy while still maintaining a feminine quality.

It’s very simple. All you need is a boar hair bristle brush, a comb and some styling paste or pomade.

Begin working a small amount of product in your hands by rubbing your palms together to warm up the paste so that it’s manageable. Start by slicking back the hair on the sides of your head above you ear. You want to make sure this area lays as close to your head as possible. Use the comb to guide the hair and distribute the product.

Once the hair on the sides of your head is laying nice and flat, work more product in your hands and gently run your fingers through the top of your head  and backwards. You don’t need to slick the hair to your scalp on top of your head.

I like to the leave the top of the hair slightly undone, but still swept back out of your face. Leaving a little volume at the roots on the top of your head makes this look more wearable and less like you have “helmet head”.

Take time and tailor this style to your liking. Remember to not overdo it with the product.  You can always apply more as you go, but overdoing it can weigh hair down too much.

Special thanks to our model Desiree Anderson from Dezistyle.com