On a recent trip to Sephora or as I call it “going to the market,” I simply couldn’t resist browsing around for what ended up to be almost an hour. I treat it like a treasure hunt, searching for something new and undiscovered.

As I Christopher Columbused my way along the wall of fragrance I spotted my treasure. There it was, The Blend Fragrance Kit by Fred Segal. It was love at first site. I spent a few minutes smelling on ten fragrances and then browsed the recipe and instruction booklet. I felt for a moment that this was created just or me! Let me tell you why. All the fragrances are oils and I love the way oils absorb into my skin, and how the scent lingers much longer. I have a few staple perfumes I rotate but even then I find myself in a case of fragrance ADD. This kit provides you with recipes you can use to mix fragrances for an entirely new scents when blended all together.

Also, the price is on point. $25 for a single fragrance or $150.00 for all ten! So I sat there trying to pick just one and then quickly thought, who am I kidding? I need them all!  I justified it by realized that one bottle of perfume can easily run you $75-$100 and with this kit I can technically get ten perfumes plus endless options to mix them into new scents.

The recipes are simple, and it boldly displays which number of fragrances you use, how many swirls, and in which order. I fully intend on trying them all but already my favorite is “Vintage Cologne”, and it’s described as “A classic men’s event with a distinctly ladylike twist”.

I strongly urge you to check this kit out! All the fragrances smell beautiful and wear perfectly on your skin!

Product Available at www.theblendfragrance.com