I am so happy to see colored mascara making a comeback. I remember in junior high school rocking some sapphire lashes and feeling super cool.

Colored mascara is a great way to enhance you natural eye color, or you can go crazy and really make a pop by coordinating colored eye shadow and liners for a bright summery vibe. The bottom line is; colorful mascara is totally wearable. NYX Cosmetics offers a range of rainbow colors, and I picked up 3 of them. They are priced at a mere $7, so I practically had to have them all.

       Here are some wearable looks using the Blue, Violet and Perfect Pear shades. (I must note that because I have such dark lashes the colors don’t pop quite as much in the photos but you get the idea.)  In the sun, they look magical though.


For the blue look, I applied the Mascara to my top and bottom lashes, then lined my water line with brown liner. On my eyelids, I kept it very simple with a light brown shadow.


  For the Violet color, I tried two different looks. I have brownish/hazel eyes, so I decided for one to line my eyes with a purple cream shadow and then applied the mascara to top and bottom lashes. I added a small line of gold shimmer to my bottom lash line to break it up a little. For the second look, I kept it simple with a little brown liner and this time only applying the colored mascara to my bottom lashes and using black mascara on my top lashes.


  For the Perfect Pear look, I simply want to use this mascara as an accent on the tips of my lashes. First I used light brown shadow and a brown gel liner as well as brown pencil liner on my water lines. Next I swept on some black mascara focusing mostly on the the root of my lashes. Lastly using the colored mascara I lightly brushed in the tips of my lashes.

   It’s actually really enjoyed playing around with different looks using these mascaras. I have lots of friends who like to incorporate color on the eyes but struggle with eye shadows and liners. These mascaras are the answer to their prayers and yours if you feel the same.

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