Recently the hottest trend has been “suction plumping” or “cupping” your lips to make them look plump and full. Blame it on Kylie Jenner but I’m totally into this idea.

What must be said and what is most important to know is that this method should be done carefully and gently. You can easily bruise your lips or cause blood vessels to burst. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use a plastic bottle, shot glass or any other kind of glass object for this. They are not designed to protect and prevent damage to your lips. You need to invest a tiny amount of dough into these specifically designed cups in order to be safe. Fullips have three sizes and shapes that have thick rims made of plastic so that when done correctly will not hurt you.

The idea behind this is that you place the cup against you lips and gently suck so your lips slightly fill the inside of the cup for increments of mere seconds. You can use all the sizes or just one to reach your desired “size”.  Suggested by the instructions and also myself that you moisturize your lips prior to the application and don’t exceed more than 10-20 seconds of sucking at a time. Start slow and gentle and within 5 minutes you will have what I like to call “pillow lips.”

 The results can last 3-5 hours or longer, and it just varies person to person. I like to finish it off with a plumping gloss to help extend the results. I don’t think there is any shame in wanting fuller lips, and this is a great alternative to fillers and other risky cosmetic alterations. Check out for more info, videos, and you can also order the cups too. But please please please use precaution and do not over do it.