I HAVE been trying to grow my hair out for nearly a year and tried everything from Biotin and hair strengthening shampoos to masks,  and finally found a miracle!  Surely biotin vitamins will help but they can take months to show effectiveness while still disappointing. Restraining from heat styling and using protectant sprays can also help but cause further damage and split ends.

My hair is thick, grows at a rapid rate and now had reached a plateau. My first solution was to get tape-in extensions to get instant satisfaction. They satisfied my desire for an overall long hair style. After eight months, I was itching to shampoo my hair correctly and dreaded the fall out period.

About a month ago I took my extensions out and was relatively satisfied with my natural hair growth but still hadn’t reached my desired goal yet. My excessively layered haircut from years ago was still adapting to its new length and was still holding me back from having a full length of hair. AND THEN… One day I stumbled across a product that I had known only little of and then was reaffirmed by the sales girl that it was indeed a miracle product. It’s called Grow Gorgeous- Hair Growth Serum. I could not wait to put it to the test!

The directions said to apply approximately 20 drops to your scalp nightly or in the morning and massage briefly. I found it easiest to do before bedtime.  I was still skeptical about this serum at this point. In so many ways, it made perfect sense as a scalp activating serum but seemed far fetched to see a result in two weeks as the box promised.

Out of curiosity, I stuck with it anyways. Just shy of a month later I  was blown away! No lie and no joke.  Although my hair was in need of a trim, it was clearly visible that my hair had grown an inch. It feels so much healthier and stronger than before.

I HIGHLY recommend it and would bet skeptics. I still recommend keeping up with biotin and proper hair care if you desire long hair, but if you need to see results try this product!