If you haven’t already get ready to fully embrace bralettes.  Their comfortability, wearable fabrics and designs make them a way better choice than the regular bra. I understand that for some of you larger chested woman, you curse the bralettes, but I can assure you there are bralettes out there that are perfectly suited for you. Now if you are really, REALLY, busty, I can’t promise you anything.

What I love most about them besides the lack of underwire and back fat is the fact that bralettes can be worn as a layering piece to “peek” out and show off some sexy lace. Some can even double as a crop top paired with a high-waisted number. Some even have crazy straps that give it ultra sexy bondage feel.

No matter how you love em and live in them, bralettes are EVERYTHING!

Here are some of my favorite choices for bralettes. Tell me, what are yours?