Fish tail braids are my favorite kind of braids. They give the appearance of a complicated braid and can discourage so many of us from giving it a try, but really it’s so easy! This look may require a little more prep but will impress the Unimpressionable. After practicing a while I learned a few staple tricks and short cuts to a glamorous red carpet hairstyle that is perfect for any holiday party, and won’t wear in your sanity.

To prep hair you want to start by spraying your hair with a liberal amount of dry shampoo. Dry shampoo gives a great texture to all hair types specially when it is comes to braiding. Give the hair a thorough brushing to assure the product is evenly distributed.


Start with a deep side part. Grab the sections of the hair closest to the front of the head and begin a fish braid. Simply divide the hair into 2 equal sections. Begin the braid by gathering a small section of hair on the outer side of the parted side and join it directly across the part and into the opposite portion or hair.

Repeat this action down the entire sectioned hair: remember to keep the joining pieces small, creating a small “x” pattern until you run out of hair.

Patience is key!


Once you have completed the fish braids on both sides of the sectioned hair, you must pull and loosen the braids. 


Gently pull on both sides of the braid to create a loose version of the braid.


Gently pull and twist the braid until it’s loose and fasten with a bobby pin. Take the second braid and loosely twist hair around previous bun and fasten securely with more bobby pins.

And finally the perfect holiday hairstyle!

Photographed by Jennifer Biswas Hoffner