Some are calling it the “new” contour and some have absolutely no idea what it is. Strobing is a technique in which you apply highlighter to the areas of your face that catch the most light to enhance the light reflected. It basically makes you look like you’re always under great lighting. Like contouring you following the lines and curves of your face, to enhance your features. Unlike contouring you strictly focus on the highlighting portion of the method.

Here’s how you do it:

Once you have finished applying all of your makeup, your last step will be strobing.

Photography by Courtney Berman Photography by Courtney Berman

I use a small fluffy brush (mine’s from Senna) since I want to simply dust on the highlighter  (I’m using Becca x Jaclyn Hill) and not streaking it on.

Start sweeping on top of the cheekbones backwards towards your hair line. I like to slightly move my head around to see how the light bounces and continue until I reach the desired  amount.

Next sweep down the bridge of your nose. It’s best to tap off any extra product before applying. Over doing it will not have the same effect.

Then I move to my Cupid’s bow and just under my lower lip. This will nicely highlight my lips.

And finally I  apply to my brow bones.  Now don’t forget to strike a pose and strobe!

Photography By Courtney Berman