Written by Alison Elizabeth



   Photography by Jennifer Biswas

   Photography by Jennifer Biswas


   Is your living space your sanctuary? Have you taken the time to “de-clutter” your environment both physically and energetically? To cleanse your space of all that does not support your inner peace, positive growth and well-being? If you answered “no” or “not in a while” to the above questions, then I’m especially pleased to share this information with you – and especially now!

In the wake of horrific tragedies, like those we witnessed on Friday, it is normal to feel weighed down by sadness, hopelessness and fear. However, harboring these emotions, even unconsciously, can pollute our living space with negativity and affect our daily life in a number of ways: one may experience unexplainable exhaustion, absent mindedness, restlessness, “brain fog”, and/or mood swings to name a few of many potential side effects.

 Further more, studies have shown that stress and negative emotions weaken our immune systems, jeopardizing our overall health and vitality. It is definitely in our best interest to do what we can to ensure we live in a positive environment and release any “excess emotional baggage” that may be stifling our well being.

For these reasons and many others, I am excited to share with you this step by step guide to cleansing your living space. From floor boards and goodwill piles, to clearing negativity and creating a positive energetic flow – this guide will hold your hand through the process of making your home a harmonious space. A living space that truly reflects and supports the fabulousness that is you! Here we go!!



Materials needed:
Cleaning products and supplies
Trash bags
Lighter or matches
Abalone shell or equivalent to catch burning embers
Optional Materials:
Essential oils to cleanse negative energy. Choose one or multiple from a number of options: cypress, lemon, lime, myrrh, ceder wood, juniper berry, peppermint, sage etc.
Oil diffuser, oil burner or spray bottle to dispense oil into your environment
4 clear quartz crystals

Time to complete: 1-4 hours



Clean your house! Many psychologist believe that ones external environment is a reflection of their internal well-being, so begin with physically cleaning your house. When I do this I go from room to room and work my way from the floorboards to the cobwebs in the corners. I like to keep in my awareness that I’m preparing my space for a “deeper” cleansing. More times than not, during this part of the process I find thoughts and emotions that have been causing me distress, sometimes unconsciously, come to mind. If this happens to you too, keep your focus on cleaning and visualize yourself “wiping away” this negativity as you wipe down your counter top, for example.

Once you are done cleaning away the dirt, dust and cobwebs, turn your attention to any unnecessary/unwanted possessions that are cluttering your space. Get rid of anything that no longer serves you in your daily life! This part is hard for me because I am a sentimental person with a slight hoarding tendency. What I suggest is creating parameter questions to ask yourself when you are on the fence about something. I ask myself: Do I need this? How often do I “need’” this? Would someone else benefit more from having this and put it to better use? Usually I answer: No, I don’t NEED this. I haven’t used it in awhile. Yes, someone else probably needs this more. Thus I feel at peace with letting it go. 

PRO TIP: I have a special rule for clothes, which are REALLY hard for me to giveaway because I love fashion and creative style so much! I designate a specific part of my closet to clothes I haven’t worn in awhile, but that I’m not ready to giveaway quite yet. Then I set a reminder on my phone for 3 months later at which point I go through that section again. Anything that I’ve worn during those months gets moved back into normal closet space and the rest goes to Goodwill, no questions asked.

   3.  The final step in the physical part of the cleanse is to purposefully organize your space. Take the time to make sure everything has a “home”. Stuffing miscellaneous things in a drawer or under your bed might feel like a good way to make your space appear clean, but don’t forget your home reflects your well being! After all of this work, we don’t want to take short cuts           and leave pockets of chaos scattered around. Organize your home in a way that allows you to utilize your space and possessions at their optimal potential to positively benefit your             daily life.

Now that your home is feeling clean, decluttered and organized, the real work begins!

SIDEBAR: For those of you that are not as familiar with the powers of energy, intention and spirituality , the following steps may be foreign to you, thus requiring you to take a “leap of faith” and trust me on this one. For the record, the energetic cleansing and purification techniques I am sharing with you are based on: the ancient Native American ritual of “smudging”; Catholic and Wiccan traditions for cleansing negative energy; as well as traditional Asian techniques for creating optimal energetic flow . Also, they’ve worked for me and I’d be willing to bet they’ll for you too!


   4. Open all of your windows and doors and turn on any fans you have in your home for optimal airflow.

   5. Next you are going to “smudge” your home. This is where your sage, abalone shell, and lighter/matches come into play. Begin in a central part of your home and take a couple of deep breaths to focus on your purpose and center yourself.

   6. Before you start the smudge, I also suggest setting an intention for what you want the space to be in one or two sentences, then repeating it like a mantra as you smudge your home. For                      example, I may say “Cleanse this space of negativity to make way for Light, Love and Truth. This a my sanctuary of peace and harmony and only positive energy is welcome here.”. Your                    intentions may vary from room to room, depending on what you want to perpetuate in each space. You may want to set specific intentions of unity in mutual living spaces, success/prosperity in home offices and nourishment in your kitchen, for instance.

   7. Once you have chosen your intentions light the sage of fire. Blow out the flame and fan the bellowing smoke through out each nook and cranny of your house while catching any burning embers that fall in the shell. Relight and blow out the sage as necessary to maintain a heavy bellow of smoke. Repeat your intentions either in your head or out loud as you go.                

FUN FACT: Native American’s believe that sage smoke absorbs negative energy and carries it away.To enhance your experience, visualize this happening and feel your spirit lifting as the negativity is cleared out of your space. Smudging is the most widely practiced and well-known ritual for energetic spatial cleansing.

    8. After performing this ritual in all rooms, waft the sage smoke over yourself and any other members of your home, cleansing any negativity and impurities from your beings. You will immediately feel a heightened sense of lightness, peace and clarity in yourself and your space after this practice.

Once you have finished smudging your living space, you can decide whether or not to continue with the following steps. Essential oils, crystals and Feng Shui have been used for centuries in rituals of energetic cleansing and protection. With that said, if these are more in-depth steps than you are willing or able to take at this time, completing that above 1-7 will still do wonders for cleansing your space!


  9. Diffuse, burn or dilute with water a spray through out your home one or multiple essential oils from the list provided under “Optional Materials” above. These herds have been historically used in spiritual and religious practices through out the ages. Their aromatic presence serves to cleanse personal and environment negativity. 

10. You can also bun a piece of Palo Santo Wood a.k.a. “Holy Wood” to drive out any negative entities and energies that may linger.This also has an inspiring, uplifting lasting effect on you and       your environment.  

11. Place one clear quartz crystal in each of the four most further corners of your home. This is believed by many to create an energetic seal that keeps good energy in and bad energy out.

 12. The final step I suggest to ensuring optimal energy flow throughout your space in the future is to research and implement the art of Feng Shui in your living space. There is a plethora of information regarding Feng Shui and its applications on the internet. I highly recommend using their techniques to promote and enhance a consistent flow of positive energy through your home. The layout of my bedroom and living room, as well as the presence of live plants through out my home, are several examples of how I have chosen to utilize this ancient practice in my living environment. Here’s a link to get you started: http://fengshui.about.com

I hope this guide helps you to cleanse your space and create an environment of positivity, creativity, and happiness in which you can flourish! Whether you have consciously experienced negative energetic side effects as a result of recent tragic events or not, dedicating a couple of hours to this practice is a great idea. Revamping the appearance and energy of your living space is always an extremely beneficial, empowering and uplifting act of self-love!!
Namaste, my friends! May we all strive live in the light of Love <3