The age old saying “less is more” has always been a  paradox to me. In a perfect world, less would be more, and we would all have perfect skin, hair, and a Marilyn-esque waistline. Mother Nature isn’t so fair on all fronts. HOWEVER, I have found a solution, or something damn close. I’m talking about foundation serum or the “non-makeup makeup”. It’s like a second skin or veil almost. Something to brighten skin, perfect impurities and the tone of skin and won’t settle into fine lines. Not to mention some offer anti-aging and healthy skin benefits. If you tend to have red or a flushed toned complexion, you will love this. Now, initially, I was weary because it’s not a thick pigmented foundation like I was used too. I wondered if I would get the right amount of coverage considering it was merely only a tint. The results I got were even better. I wasn’t covering my face with cake, I was enhancing my natural skin tone, and I loved the feel and natural brightness. I am a believer now that less could actually be more (better).

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bareMinerals Bareskin

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