I must admit; I have an infatuation with nail art. I like to Pinterest, browse Instagram, and screen shot nail art on the regular. However, when I get to the nail salon, I blank. I can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing to collaborate with the nail tech to execute my dream nails. Most of the time I’m in a rush and don’t want to make any impulse decisions. Any attempt I’ve made to paint designs on my nails has always ended tragically.


One of my favorite blogs – and I must go beyond calling it a blog because it is so much more- is Mr. Kate. I’m sure plenty of you have heard or visited the site. Kate is a creative genius. I’m not just saying that because she and I have recently become bosom buddies, she really is! Kate designs jewelry; she can upcycle basically anything, and is also a jewelry designer with all around amazing talent. She also creates and designs what she calls “Beauty Marks” or what we would call temporary tattoos. Her collection of Beauty Marks are unparalleled and simply treasures. What I love is that they’re designed in a way that you can wear them any way you choose. You can cut them up, layer and apply them anywhere on your body you see fit. Including your nails! So, I figured I could create my own nail designs that looked pro but fuss free and not rushed.

My vision was “graffiti nails” that were chic AF. I went for my regular nail job and had my nails painted a simple nude/beige to start with a neutral background. Then it was time to go home and get to work. I used designs from the White, Confetti, Glue Gun Mess and the Cosmic packs. Because I wanted to layer the designs to get the graffiti look, I clipped out nail sized pieces from each pack to work with.

I started with the white designs first. The best part is that because the nails don’t have to be uniformed, I didn’t have to be to exact, the more random, the better.

Then using a damp napkin, I went nail by nail applying the white designs first. Carefully placing the designs centered and pressing them onto my nails with the damp napkin for a few moments. Allow a minute of drying time before applying the next layer.

Next, I used the confetti designs for a pop of color and shine. These designs really pop because they are bright and metallic small flecks that look just like confetti.

The third layer I wanted to use black designs to complete the graffiti look.

For the final step, I allowed the nails a min or two of drying time and then applied a clear top coat to seal the designs.

I was so happy with the results! I loved that although they all had the same elements each nail had its own look. The whole process took about 15 minutes but the results look professional and unique. You can purchase these Beauty Marks and more on Mr. Kate’s website here .

Remember to be creative, expressive and have fun! You won’t be let down!

Photography By Jennifer Biswas Hoffner