Blotting correctly really is a necessary evil when it comes down to finalizing the perfectly rouged lips. I’m sure your mother taught you to press tissue between your lips and that was it. Unfortunately, that will not suffice, nor make for lasting color. Fear not, I am here to break down the simple steps to executing this ever important task.

First, let me explain why the old piece of tissue between the lips is not the correct method. The purpose of blotting is to ensure that the lipstick is evenly distributed. Lipstick, without fail, tends to wear off mostly in the center of the lips, leaving an unattractive ring around your lips. With that said, if you just press tissue between your mouth, you’re really only blotting out the lipstick in the center of the lips, accelerating the pace in which the color begins to fade.

Once you have applied the lipstick altogether, take a square of thin tissue and gently press against a closed relaxed mouth. Take your time working your fingertips around the edges as well as the center of the lips. After this first blot you can lightly swipe on more color, focusing mainly on the center of lips.

Finally, take another square of thin tissue and once again hold against a relaxed closed mouth. Take a powder brush and dip into translucent loose powder and stipple the brush over the tissue against the lips. The thin tissue will allow enough powder to reach the lips. This will help set the color for longer wear.


*Special thanks to Stephanie Corneliussen for photos and graphics*