Written By Jennifer Hoffner


Photography by Jennifer Biswas Photography by Jennifer Biswas


Amazing shampoos with an even more amazing price is hard to come by. I know this because I’m always on the search.

The Seaweed Bath Co is known for its natural bath and body products made with organic bladderwrack seaweed and other natural ingredients. I’ve tested and have continued using pretty  much everything they have to offer. Remember that awesome Seaweed bath I was talking about not too long ago? Yep, that’s them! Recently I got my hands on the Balancing Argan Shampoo and conditioner in Eucalyptus and Peppermint scent. My morning shower has never felt more invigorating. The peppermint and eucalyptus scent tantalised my senses and I was definitely awake! What it did for my hair was even better!

This shampoo and conditioner combo cleans and nourishes and balances the hair without leaving it greasy. For someone with thick hair as myself, my results were soft curls and healthy looking hair that is shiny and incredibly clean. For anyone fighting flaking and scaly scalp, this is a great shampoo for you. It helps soothe dry skin and is so safe that you could use it daily or as needed.

So, if you are running out of your current shampoo and conditioner go ahead and this product to your next shopping list. It only costs $12.89 a bottle. You can easily purchase them at your nearest Whole Foods or online at The Seaweed Bath Co and Amazon. Now you can have hair like a mermaid too!

  • This product is paraben free, dye free, SLS free, and no animal testing