On Tuesday, June 14th, 2016, Stassi Schroeder and I got the opportunity to tour the famous Los Feliz murder mansion as prospect buyers.  If you know either of us, then you are well aware of our affinity for all things paranormal, supernatural and horror related. Hence our fascination with this glorious home and it’s violent and haunting past.

As the story goes, the majestic home perched on a hill in Los Feliz belonged to the wealthy Dr. Perelson, his wife Lillian and three children. On December 6, 1959, at 4:30 am the doctor bludgeoned his wife to death with a ball-peen hammer while she was sleeping. He then moved on to attack his oldest daughter Judy who was sleeping in the next room. Fortunately, she was able to get away and run for help. Meanwhile, her father took Nembutal pills to kill himself . With both parents deceased the children were sent away to NYC to live with family. The house was locked up and not a single family member ever came back. Not even for personal belongings.

The story doesn’t end there. About a year after the murder-suicide, the untouched mansion was purchased at an auction by Emily and Julian Enriquez of Lincoln Heights. However, the couple never lived in the house. They only used it for storage which is so incredibly odd! In 1994 the couple’s son, Rudy Enriquez inherited the property and just like his parents, he never stayed there either. So, the house continued to live on untouched, unused and trapped in time.

4 years ago after reciting this story to Stassi we decided to take a spontaneous late night adventure to this infamous house. It was dark, cold and we were all in heels. Clearly we didn’t really think this through, and by all means, we were not prepared for what was to come next.  Pulling up to Glendower Place our hearts were racing and our inner paranormal girls were freaking out! As soon as we had visual of the mansion we were in absolute awe. It was absolutely glorious and hair-raising at the same time.

I have to admit, It was a stupid decision and a dangerous one too, as we could either get arrested for trespassing or be found dead in a water tower. Either way, we weren’t going to be stopped. At least Stassi wasn’t. After parking, fearless Stassi led the pack up the steep and winding driveway. It was pitch black but the mansion stood out, almost glowing.

It looked exactly the way it was described, by the people who came here before us. It was through the front windows that we got a peek of what looked like a living room frozen-in-time. Wrapped gifts on the table and furniture covered in sheets were some of the things you can see clearly. Some people say the house even looks exactly the way it did the night of the murder-suicide, accept, it’s been slowly falling apart due to lack of maintenance and upkeep. Needless to say, I had one little peek and I was running down the hill. Stassi stayed behind to explore further. She wasn’t able to get into the house that night which she has had major regrets about. None of us could get the house off our minds after we left. So, we kept our eye on it wishing and hoping it would one day go on the market. And sure enough, it did!

In March 2016 the house was cleaned out and put on the market by Rudy Enriquez trust. That’s when Stassi set out on a mission to buy the house with myself as her crazy accomplice. This is a true story. By the time we were serious about saving this home from destruction, it was already set to go to probate court On June 15th. That was literally the next day and it meant it was basically mission impossible now.  I frantically started to search the internet for the real estate agent representing the property. I emailed him as a prospect buyer and he agreed to give us a tour at 4:30 PM that day, June 14th.

HOLY SHIT!! We couldn’t believe it!

The experience was nothing short of extraordinary. I don’t think either of us was prepared for what kind of affect this place had on us. Before we even entered the house we almost had to aborted the mission. The woman showing the house couldn’t get the front door open! It felt like a sign telling us not to cross the threshold. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door was finally unlocked. We were going in! Standing in front of the door our knees were certainly shaking but as soon as we entered the house, it was awe-inspiring. The rooms were now empty and clean, much different than how we saw it as trespassers. We walked through each room paying attention to every detail, every nook and cranny. We didn’t want to miss anything.

Never have we seen such a distinguished house. With so many unique features and the incredible light that pours through this house – it outshines any stigma associated with it. You almost forget about what has taken place inside these walls. We spent a lot of time in the master bedroom and Judy’s room where both attacks took place. You can still see the light switch plate that says “Judy” on her bedroom wall. You can still see a little stain on the switch plate and Stassi swears up and down that it’s blood. Moving on to the other children’s rooms you can still see colourful stickers on their closet doors. Still, no ghosts or spirits, just remnants of the victims that haven’t been erased. The basement was by far the creepiest of all the rooms in the house. It’s not because I saw or felt anything there, but because of how it made me feel. Very heavy is the only way I can describe it. And it had the smell of pennies and blood, which totally makes me nauseous. At this point, I had desperately wanted to encounter a ghost or spirit, but they were nowhere in sight. Stassi was the complete opposite. She was in a trance walking around imagining what it would be like to live in this grand home. I know what you’re thinking. Sounds totally disturbed but she’s 100% serious.

Right as we were wrapping up the tour we made our way downstairs. Stassi walked in front of me while the realtor followed behind me. As soon as we stepped into the foyer, the heavy wooden front door, which I closed behind me when I entered the house, flung open with a gust of wind. This is not a joke. I immediately screamed and ran to Stassi while the realtor screamed and ran the opposite way. Even she was legitimately terrified! Now, I could totally suggest it was a spirit, or a ghost , or whatever, but the truth is, it’s probably nothing.

In the end, neither of us became the new home owner. As of June 15, 2016, the Los Feliz murder officially sold to a couple who have plans to restore the home. Thank God!  Stassi still thinks about the home often. We like to think that someday it will find it’s way back to her. Here’s hoping!

If you want to get further spooked you can listen to Stassi Schroeder’s podcast HERE to listen to us explain in more detail about our adventure into the MURDER HOUSE!

The living room. Moments before the front door flew open.

The living room. Moments before the front door flew open.



Basement- Laundry room Basement- Laundry room Strange hidden vanity inside the coat closet. Strange hidden vanity inside the coat closet. Sun Room/ Library Sun Room/ Library Dining Room Dining Room Master Bedroom, Scene of the murder-suicide. Master Bedroom, Scene of the murder-suicide.

Can you see the blood stain?

Can you see the blood stain?