We all want healthy hair that can combat the elements, and reverse damage as a result of styling. Experts say that regular trims are the only way to keep your hair healthy, free from breakage, and stimulate growth. But if your hair isn’t already healthy this method isn’t fool proofed. Kenra Professional has developed a product that fights signs of ageing, increases shine, reduces breakages, promotes elasticity, fights frizz, treats scalp to decrease hair loss, and improves manageability. Its key ingredient is snail essence.

Yup, I can see the confusion on your faces right now. Are you thinking snail slime can actually treat my hair? The answer is YES! Chilean farmers noticed how soft their hands became after handling snails. It was then discovered that the protein derived from the snail slime was beneficial for the skin. The hydrating components soften skin and the anti-aging elements fill fine lines and cracks in the skin, making it look and feel younger. The Korean beauty market picked up on this and started using it in face products. It was soon discovered that Snail Essence works the same on hair. Low and behold we have Kenra Platinum Snail CC creme.


I have been using this product for a couple of months and I can’t even begin to explain the difference I have seen in my hair. I have thick coarse hair that is prone to frizz. My hair is now shiny, super soft, stronger than ever, and has grown like a healthy plant! It’s now the most important step in my hair routine.

So, I have decided to share my daily (well almost daily) styling routine!

1. After I wash and use condition in the shower I towel dry my hair. While my hair is still damp I use my fingers and rake a couple pumps of the Snail CC creme throughout my hair from root to tip. A little goes a long way with this product so start with a small amount and work through more if needed. After I work through my hair with my hands I like to brush or comb through my entire head of hair to thoroughly and evenly distribute the product. If you have thick hair like me you should always use a brush or comb when applying the product.

2. Before I blow dry I use Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray. It cuts down dry time and has thermal protection so my hair doesn’t fry. I spritz it all over, brush through and begin drying. I like to dry one section at a time with a boar bristle brush because it really smoothes out each strand.

3. Once hair is completely dry, I make sections in my hair before I begin iron styling. I spritz each section with Kenra Platinum Hot Spray. Brush through and then curl or flat iron. This product is amazing because it offers more thermal protection and has a firm holding agent that holds a style for days. I barely have to touch up my hair in the days following and it looks even better for a couples days later.

Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme really is the fountain of youth. At $25 per bottle, it’s more than worth it because you only use a little at a time so it will really last!
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Along with the other products I used.
Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray
Kenra Platinum Hot Spray