My latest hair inspiration came from Khloé Kardashian’s “wet waves” hairstyle. I loved the effortless sexy vibes of this throwback do. This look is far from the original, wet, crunchy-looking perm from back in the day.  So I gave it a try and had to share. And let me just tell you, nothing beats a carefree and easy hairstyle that doesn’t eat up your time staring at the mirror in your bathroom all morning.

I started with damp hair and applied some IGK coconut oil all over. Hair oil, of some sort, is the first and most important step because it’s going to give you hair shine, maintain a wet look, and prevent frizz. I love this particular product because it smells delicious and the coconut oil quickly quenches dry hair.

Next, I applied TIGI Catwalk curl amplifier halfway to my ends. This is a weightless product that helps promote curl on even the straightest hair without leaving crunch. Then, I use my hands to “scrunch”  the product into the hair until I reach the waves I desire.

To help set the curls, I used a diffuser on low heat. Don’t blast your hair with too much heat, otherwise, it will poof out and you will look the wet look.

I applied a little more hair oil after drying with the diffuser. My hair tends to soak up oil and poof because of its natural texture and thickness. This isn’t necessary for everyone but if your hair needs it, go right ahead.

The last step, I used IGK Beach Club texture spray to add more texture and piece out my strands. I went in pretty hard with this because I figured the more texture and definition to the waves, the better.

As you can see, this look is pretty foolproof and even looks better throughout the day as my hair relaxed.



Photography by Jennifer Hoffner