The bride’s hair on her wedding day is such an important part of the look. Katie’s stylist is sharing with us the step-by-step to achieve this romantic and chic hairdo Katie wore for her special day.

Katie’s Hair Products used: Kenra Platinum Thickening Mousse 12 Kenra Platinum Boosting Spray Foam 17 Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray 6 Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13 Kenra Volume Spray 25 Step 1: To give Katie the perfect canvas for an all-day hold upstyle, I used Thickening Mousse 12 and Boosting Spray Foam 17 at her roots.  I gave her a bodified blowout using a 1 1/2-inch round brush, making sure to style her fringe in its natural fall. Step 2: For thermal protection and added texture, I used Dry Texture Spray 6 to set Katie’s curls using a 1 inch wand. Step 3: Because Katie’s hair is so dense, I had to incorporate an anchor braid in a horizon section in the back of her hair.  I did this to remove density so she could have that airy updo she dreamed of and so it could last all night long. Step 4: Using the arch of the eyebrow as a guide, create a horse shoe shape section and lightly twist over the anchor braid. Use a bobby pin to secure into the braid. Step 5: Using Texturizing Taffy 13, take a 2-inch section from each side. Twist away from the face, and lightly destruct your twist. Secure with a bobby pin over the anchor braid. Step 6: Continue to twist alternating sections from each side until all the hair is pinned up. In the back, take your last two sections, twist and crisscross them over the style. Step 7: Katie’s fringe was left out in her natural part which was perfect for that effortless updo look she was going for. I finished Katie’s style with Volume Spray 25 for an all-night hold before perfectly placing her rose gold head band and beautiful long veil.

Hair Styled By: Mirella Manelli

Photographed by Gina & Ryan Photography