Women of many different cultures from around the world have been using essential oils as a part of their beauty regimen for centuries. They used natural and plant based oils for the purpose of beautifying and healing. In recent years here in the United States oils have been slowly penetrating the beauty Industry. It started with Moroccan Oil and Argan oil and now I read about oils in almost every magazine and beauty blog.

I started using oils as a part of my beauty regimen from a very young age. As a kid, my mother massaged coconut oil into my hair regularly and I always used it as a body moisturizer. Now in my 30s I still continue to use oils and have experimented with a plethora of them. Especially ones for my face. Because of my sensitive skin, it’s been a challenge to find ones that don’t make be break out or leave me looking greasy.

Photography by Jennifer Hoffner

Lucky for me my girlfriend Monica introduced me to my latest beauty obsession, Sof Naturals.  A small but exquisite line of face oils, body oils, roll on oils and even lip balm. All the products are made without any chemicals or artificial ingredients and instead contain the highest quality natural and raw materials. Each batch is handcrafted with lots of love, care, and attention. And it certainly shows.

Sof has become a part of my daily beauty and health ritual. I use their oils morning, day and night. For my face, I use the Argan oil,  known as “liquid gold”, it leaves my skin glowing and hydrated. I  usually like to use this oil after I wash my face in the morning. It’s all I wear throughout the day and I can literally skip the makeup.   Also, Jojoba with Helichrysum and lavendar which brightens my skin complexion and really helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Both oils are very light and light scented. The Body Oil Rose Trio is my go to for after a hot shower or bath. This oil is light and fast absorbing and also makes my skin radiate. The smell is also light but divine. (Side Note: This oil can also help open the heart chakra)


The roll on oils have been a great addition too. The Be Well roll on oil is something I have been using since the day I received it in mail. Which was several months ago! Just one roll a night helps to boost your immune system! So, every night I roll it on the bottom of my feet( specifically my soles) in hopes I won’t catch whatever bug or flu is going around. So Far, so good! And Breathe Calm Energy with Hawaiian Sandalwood, it’s great for those days when you find everyone and everything so annoying and you feel like you’re losing your mind. Just a couple rolls and deep breaths till you reach calm.

Sof Natural is doing great things with ingredients and all the love they put into their products. To learn more about their products and purchase some for yourself please visit www.sofnaturals.com