I am not the biggest fan of subscription boxes. Most are filled with stuff I don’t care for, will probably never use, and ends up being a big waste of money. Until I discovered Kali Box. A company that specialises in delivering chic, organic, and toxin-free tampons, pads and sanitary wipes right to your door. Revolutionary!!

Now, I’m usually good at keeping period supplies at home but sometimes I find myself rummaging around the house when that time of the month comes looking for that one tampon to rescue me. I usually fail and end up having to send my husband to the nearest market to grab a box or generic tampons. Because of a lack of options, the tampons usually end up being ones that are terrible for my body. Full of chemicals and harsh materials.

Kali products are exactly the feminine hygiene products I’ve so desperate been searching for. These tampons are made with 100% hypoallergenic and certified organic cotton. Absolutely no chemicals!
The tampon and cardboard applicator are 100% biodegradable and ethically and sustainably sourced. They don’t shred fibre either. The liners are also 100% hypoallergenic and made from certified organic cotton. Both of their absorbency is terrific! The wipes come in handy too. It’s great for travelling and freshing up not only your V but also your face and underarm as well. They are 100% Sulfate & Paraben Free, and 99.98% organic and all natural.

The subscription costs roughly around $19.00 a month although there are many box options. It actually costs about the same as tampons you purchase at the drug store or supermarket but much better quality and better for your body and health. It also saves you a trip to the store and you never have to worry about not having tampons each month when your aunt flow arrives. And my husband doesn’t have to worry either.

Kali Box is the greatest luxury for periods so go ahead and give it a try!


There is No Commitment and you can Pause or Cancel at any time.