Everyone knows by now that protecting your face from the sun is key to having younger and healthy looking skin. Protecting your face from irreversible sun damage is important, but finding the right sunscreen to fit into your daily skin care regimen can be tricky and expensive. To save you all the trouble I’ve made it my mission to try all the best face sunscreens that I could get my hands on. From tinted moisturizers, for when you don’t feel like you want to wear any make-up, to thick textured creams and sticks. Here is a short list of the 3 sunscreens that I swear by and alternate in my daily beauty routine.

Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint SPF20 – $ 75.00

Now, this little jar of moisturizer is simply magic. It’s lightweight, is SPF20, oil- free and has a universal tint that’s great for any skin tone. It instantly adds a dewy and glowy complexion to my skin. Even with it being lightweight, it still has a rich texture and deeply hydrates. I love that I can wear this moisturizer alone or under any makeup. I prefer to wear it alone because it has such a luminous finish that it gives you the illusion of makeup. This product is particularly awesome for a day by the beach or pool!

Hydrance Optimale LIGHT Hydrating Cream SPF20 – $32.00

I’m a sucker for anything French. Especially their skin car products. This specific brand Avène is hard to find in America, which is why I stock up on it anytime I’m overseas. Don’t worry though, Amazon sells Avène so you’re in luck. This ultra light moisturizer provides long lasting hydration for thirsty and dry skin. It absorbs the oil on your skin and leaves you with a matte like finish. My face never looks shiny when I use this product. You can also wear it under foundation. It’s also made with Thermal Spring Water and is hypoallergenic and paraben free. Terrific for everyday use in the morning or night and great for any skin type.

SUN BUM SPF 30 Face Stick – $9.99

Most convenient sunscreen ever made. It’s cute and compact and smells so delicious I could eat it. Unlike most sunscreen sticks its non-greasy and doesn’t leave any streaks on your face. This face stick is sweat proof and water proof and great for the days you want to ditch your make-up. If you have sensitive skin like me don’t worry, it won’t make you break out.