Activated charcoal! It’s the black powder all your friends are brushing their teeth with in pursuit of a whiter smile. Does it work? Hell yeah, it works, but did you know there are some other incredibly awesome uses for it? For example, it’s one of the BEST hangover remedies out there.

More accurately, it’s a hangover preventative. Taking activated charcoal before a night of imbibing will make your morning after so much more bearable. So, how does this work?

Simply put, activated charcoal works by trapping toxins, not absorbing them, and removing them from the body. Ideally, you will take a capsule right before you drink or immediately after. It only works while the toxins (aka alcohol) are in your system.

Activated charcoal is also an incredible natural de-bloater. It’s great for gas relief. I even give it to my dogs when they have an upset stomach, or if they’ve gotten into the trash.

A few weeks ago, while honeymooning in Bali, my husband and I both contracted a case of Bali Belly, aka travelers diarrhea. Thankfully we had our activated charcoal on hand and it cleared right up.

Do you have clogged pores? Yep, activated charcoal can help you there, too. Adding a bit to your facial masks will help draw out impurities leaving your skin cleaner and tighter. If your skin or hair tends to be oily, add a bit to your cleanser or shampoo!

Activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptians, to the Native Americans, this stuff has been used medicinally for a long, long time.

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