pucker and pout valentines day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! You’ve probably been plotting and planning like crazy to create the perfect date. Are you still wondering how to get yourself ready and also look and feel your best for the special day? Here’s a guide with a few of our favorite things to help you!

Moon Juice Sex Dust

An adaptogenic powder that helps combat stress and as the company says, “ignites your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.” Just add it to your morning coffee or smoothie and feel the increased energy throughout the day.


My go-to for intimates, Gooseberry is an elegant French lingerie label. All the pieces are delicately lacey, soft and super chic. I love how each piece is so comfortable and effortlessly sexy. Visit their online store today!


All natural collagen lip masks that gives you plump and moisturized lips all day long. Perfect as a primer before applying your favorite shade of lipstick. See ours below.

Julie Hewett CoCo Noir

This deep red lipstick is a staple and very appropriate for V-day. Don’t worry about reapplying because this baby is long lasting. Sure to be a show stopper.

CoCo La Vie

An all natural and luxurious coconut oil that can be used for intimate moments with your boo or as a luscious moisturizer for your body. It’s even great for massages, in case you have that planned for your evening 😉
The scent is of subtle geranium and feels smooth and silky when applied to the body.

Mullein & Sparrow, Rose Blossom Bath salt

Indulge yourself in a relaxing and floral bath before the big night out. It’s important to take time for yourself and what better way to do that than unplug, draw a warm bath, light some candles and sink into a deep state of calm.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!