Katie Maloney, Co- Founder of Pucker & Pout and cast member of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.  Ever since I can remember I’ve been housing beauty tips and tricks, most of which I only shared with girlfriends. With some encouragement from my co- founder Jennifer, we launched Pucker & Pout, an organically curated world of beauty for the everyday girl. A blog that not only encompasses beauty on the outside but the beauty that comes from the inside as well.

Jennifer Hoffner, Co- Founder  of Pucker & Pout – Jennifer met Katie over a decade ago and became friends instantly, and over four years ago they started the blogging journey together. Jennifer talks Katie into things like making her own shaving gel and putting yogurt on her face. When she’s not busy working for Jack Guy Photography, she’ plugging away at Pucker & Pout, editing, taking pictures and making things happen.