Author: Jennifer Hoffner


Give me all the potions! I drink them in them in the morning, drink them in the middle of the day, and drink them at night. I pretty much have a potion for every occasion. One of my favorite potions is made with Ashwagandha. You’re probably wondering… ashwa what? Ashwagandha, pronounced ash·wa·gan·dha, is a root that comes from a small woody shrub that is then ground into a bittersweet powder. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine tradition, (one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems), ashwagandha powder was added to warm milk and sipped on as a sleeping aid hours before...

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In my everyday life, my schedule can get very busy and to save time I usually replace a full breakfast meal with a shake. I’ve had my eye on a  fairly new plant based and vegan protein powder for a while, so I decided to swap out my regular plant based powder for The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein. The taste of this protein powder is mellow and far more supreme than any protein powder I’ve had. Especially because it doesn’t have the chalky taste. It’s super luscious with a smooth texture and leaves you completely satisfied. With ingredients like...

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I recently discovered the Pearl Butter Beauty Butter that’s made from organic raw coconut, pearl, and organic pitaya. The colors of the Pearl Butter was what originally attracted to me this product.

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